Frank Sinatra


Looking for a Frank Sinatra Tribute Act in the London Area?

Ian Gallagher sings Frank Sinatra songs allĀ  the way Sinatra used to sing them.

30 years of professional experience - picking up awards (and a singing role in a major Hollywood movie) along the way - means that Ian is not someĀ  karaoke singer who happens to know the words to "My Way", he's an internationally respected Frank Sinatra tribute act.

When you hear Ian singing with some of the best full orchestral backing tracks ever (you'll not hear any synthesisers here) you'll be amazed just how uncanny Ian sounds, it's as if Sinatra was actually in the same room with you.

Time after time people have asked Ian to sing without the backing because they could not believe it was not a recording!

Almost everybody who has heard Ian says he is phenomenal. He's so much more like the real thing than all of the others put together, you can almost feel Frank Sinatra's presence as Ian sings any of his 300 superb renditions (including requests) from the entire Sinatra repertoire. Trying to capture the Sinatra magic is like trying to define electricity, but Ian is the closest yet.

To Book THE Classic Frank Sinatra Tribute Act, Call: 07768 872587 or 01268 412806